Agrippa is a multi-instrumentalist musician and a student of the black arts of audio engineering. He began writing and recording seriously in 2003 leading to the founding of the industrial metal solo project called Agrippa93. Agrippa is currently the voice and industrial sound to the now Agrippa93 progressive industrial metal band working in collaboration with his bandmates and has released several songs from his solo project Agrippa’s Laboratory.


Officially founded in 2004, Agrippa93 was launched as a solo project which included songs written a year prior to that such as Open Wound, Fear, and Scorched Earth. A93 expanded into a trio in 2008 for their 2009 debut album release, Beneath the Cypress Tree and then into a 5 piece band for live performances. An almost complete personnel overhaul evolved the bands sound into a more progressive industrial metal style, which has produce an original sound that stands out among others.

Agrippa’s Laboratory

As a need for complete uncompromising musical expression, Agrippa launched his new solo project in 2009 called Agrippa’s Laboratory. A-Lab leans more toward the industrial sounds and is fully instrumented by Agrippa, aside from the song Ashes, which features Scott Williams from A93. All songs produced are released on the internet as free downloads.


Agrippa founded Sickle Pation Studio as a means to produce, record, mix, master, and publish his own music. The A93 2009 album release, Beneath the Cypress Tree, was produced and engineered by him as well as the upcoming 2011 release of the yet to be named album. Agrippa also worked on the debut album by VeXeD WuV‘s as the mixing and mastering engineer. All A-Lab songs have been written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered at Sickle Pation Studio.

Music Influences

Among the many, Agrippa includes KMFDM, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Celldweller, Nine Inch Nails, and Kidney Thieves as heavy industrial influences on his own music. On the metal side, he draws from bands such as Nevermore, Fates Warning, Fear Factory, Dream Theater, and more. Agrippa also reaches deep into classic bands like Rush, Black Sabbath, and The Beatles.

Lyric Influences

Many of the lyrics penned by Agrippa have occult themes including Divinity, I Invite, Reincarnate, Forgotten Will, Priest of Thebes, Equilibrium, City of Pyramids, Evocation, and Voice from the Corner. This is the result of his background in occultism and the study of the works of Aleister Crowley, specifically. Another focus is the darker aspects of human psychology including songs such as Face of Fear, A Profound Realization, No Happy Ending, Stranger in the Mirror, Edge of Sanity, and Longing for Silence.

The Metal Cyndicate

Agrippa is the Editor In Chief and Event Coordinator for the Metal Cyndicate of Connecticut. The Metal Cyndicate is an online network serving the Connecticut Metal scene community. He also co-hosts the Metal CyndiCAST; a weekly podcast focusing on the Connecticut Metal scene.

Visit Agrippa: Thought Manifest for more information.

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