Songs listed below were recorded between 2009-present and are from a collection called Experiments. All songs were written, performed, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Agrippa at Sickle Pation Studio. All instruments including vocals, synthesizers, sequence programming, piano, guitars, bass guitar, bass programming, and drum programming were performed by Agrippa with the exception of Ashes featuring Scott Williams on guitar.

Vilify Me (2013) – After two years without any A-Lab releases, Agrippa delivers a long shelved industrial song with melodic theme.  Agrippa: Vocals, guitar programming, sequencer, synths, bass programming, drum programming.

Violent Reaction (2010) – The music and style of Violent Reaction draws influence from industrial bands such as KMFDMNine Inch NailsCelldweller, and Ministry. The basic drum pattern and intro sequences were recording in 2009 as a potential Agrippa93 song for the follow up album to Beneath the Cypress Tree. The change of A93’s personnel and style rendered the song obsolete and was later adopted as an A-Lab song. Agrippa: Vocals, guitars, sequencer, synths, bass programming, drum programming.

Nocturnal (2010) – The music and style of Nocturnal draws heavy influence from the industrial band, Ministry. Lyrics reflect an exaggerated view of Agrippa’s preference for the night. Developed from intro synth bass part that was originally part of the mid section of the A-Lab song Digital Remains. That section was cut from Digital Remains for better continuity and used to create a new song, which resulted in Nocturnal. Agrippa: Vocals, guitars, sequencer, synths, bass programming, drum programming.

Digital Remains (2009) – The concept of artificial intelligence becoming aware of itself. Began as a simple synth delay pattern and then layered with multiple programmed sequence tracks. Agrippa was humming along while working on the song, which developed into the vocal pattern. Only a few minutes later the lyrics were complete and recorded that evening. Originally intended to be just under 2 minutes long with no drum track at all, the song extended with the additional interlude, repeated verse and outro. With the exception of vocals, no external instruments were used. Vocal effects are the result of a 3 layered effected tracks and an additional 4th for the outro. Agrippa: Vocals, synths, and sequence,  drum and bass programming.

Face Down and Ear Deep (2009) – Making the best of what you have and not letting life obstacles get in the way. Originally intended to be an Agrippa93 song, but was shelved when additional band members came on board in 2008 and the direction of the music changed. It was later pulled out of song hibernation and reworked with new vocal and guitar lines written for it and used for Agrippa’s LaboratoryAgrippa: Vocals, guitars, synths, sequences,  drum and bass programming.

Voice From the Corner (2009) – Refers to the reception of The Book of the Law, scribed by Aleister Crowley, which was dictated to him by the praetor-human entity, Aiwass – the minister of Hoor-paar-kraat (Horus the Child). These lyrics were influenced by Agrippa’s occult studies along with other songs like EvocationCity of PyramidsReincarnate,EquilibriumPriest of ThebesForgotten WillAeon Dawning, and Temple of Horus. “Voice” is the 1st in the A-Lab music catalog to include vocals.

Originally intended to be an Agrippa93 song, Voice went a few years untouched until brought out and given new life under the A-Lab project with fresh guitar work, reworked lyrics, and a major change in vocal melody. Agrippa: Vocals, guitars, sequencer, synths, bass programming, drum programming.

Ashes (2009) – An instrumental intended to musically express nicotine addiction and withdrawal. Blends Scott Williams‘ progressive metal guitar wizardry with Agrippa’s industrial sound of electronic beats, and neurotic synths and sequences, which would later be the evolved sound of Agrippa93. The foundation of this piece was written and arranged in 2005, but shelfed for 4 years due to the lack of any creative development to the song. Agrippa presented the song arrangement as a challenge to Williams to step outside his genre comfort zone. Williams met the challenge resulting in some brilliantly executed guitar work that compliments the synthetic industrial sounds. As a result, Williams joined with A93 as guitarist and major contributor to the writing.

Ashes has a total of 5 guitar tracks recorded; 4 leads and one rhythm, which was doubled to produce a fuller sound. All guitar and bass tracks were recorded by Williams at his home workstation and brought to Sickle-Pation Studio to be imported into Logic Pro and mixed with the other prerecorded tracks. All drum sounds are triggered through a drum sequencer called Ultrabeat, of which has never been used in an Agrippa song before this song. Agrippa: drum programming, synths, sequence programming. Scott Williams: lead guitars, rhythm guitars and bass.

Titanium Cranium (2009) – Began as a series of drum patterns and programmed sequences and later developed bass and piano parts. It was originally intended to have no guitars at all, but some were added in the final stages of completion. The entire song was written, recorded, arranged, mixed and mastered in just three days. Agrippa: drum programming, synths, sequence programming, guitars, piano, and bass programming.

(Lyrics and music copyright 2013 by Sickle Pation Studio)

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